Patriotic Needlepoint for the 4th of July!

Red, white, and blue are wonderful colors and I love them.  My son’s room is red, white, and blue and I have needlepointed flags for his room.  The flag sampler, I must say, is one of the most fun projects I have done.  I used threads from my stash and slowly worked on it between other projects.  It is fun and satisfying to quickly fill in a little square!  Mary Clark Donegan wrote the book, Patchwork of Peace, which I believe is still available. It has some great stitches in it. I added flag buttons, a statue of liberty head button, as well as putting my initials and date on it.

SAW did this fabulous Melissa Shirley flag canvas and she did a beautiful job.  Her flag is proudly displayed in the den.

My cute friend (she is a lot of fun, too and so is her darling husband!), Patti C. loves to decorate her house for the different holidays.  She took the Melissa Shirley 4th of July kids and tied them together with some patriotic stars and  draped them on her mantle.  What a great idea!

Mantle in Patti's living room with her 4th of July garland.

Notice that Patti has a needlepoint pillow displayed on her mantle.

She also needlepointed 3 of Melissa Shirley's patriotic star lollipops which she tied in the garland.

Who would not feel so proud with a display of red, white , and blue pillows on the sofa during the month of July?  Traditional flags can be needlepointed as well as untraditional-all are very patriotic!  The fabulous large canvas is from D.J.Designs and was stitched by Esther G. for her beach house.  I adore this wonderful pillow!

Nancy E. stitched the presidential seal for her son.  He also has served in our Armed Forces.

Below are more patriotic pillows-doesn’t it just make you want to stand up and sing the star spangled banner?

Dr. Liz stitched this adorable eagle in specs pillow for her brother.

Last but not least,  so many patriotic and flag canvases can be found at needlepoint stores.  This canvas is one of my favorites and is from Ewe and Eye.  The original art work is by Blakely Wilson and she really captures the rural 4th of July fireworks celebration.


Have a good and safe holiday with your families and friends!  I myself am going to try to get my threads organized!

My very favorite patriotic pig!

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  1. My heart swells with Pride reading your blog!!!! Can you possibly check with MSD and see if Sally Ann’s canvas is still available for me! I “Need” this canvas!!! Thanks!

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