Easter Needlepoint-a short but sweet post

A short post this fine Easter morning because I know everyone is busy hunting for eggs, getting dressed, going to church, and/or cooking.

Here are some other fun Easter things, mostly pillows, to celebrate spring!  Be sure to look at the last picture-it is a very special piece of Easter needlepoint!

Once in a Blue Moon precious Easter pillow stitched by Linda P. I wrote the stitch guide for this and we used stitches from the Bead Book by Sundance Designs for all the eggs. Look at the next picture.

Linda P. did some wonderful long and short stitches for her rabbit. She also added silk ribbon flowers and a French wired ribbon bow on the basket handle.

Stitched by enthusiastic stitcher Karen P., this rabbit pillow should be left out all year round. Love the blue and yellow striped background and the sunflower ribbon from the Ribbonry. What a cute puffy tail!

And last, Heidi H. bought this canvas in the sale room and made it look like a million dollars!  We love her purse and it’s bright colors. How much fun for Easter!

A Denise DeRusha canvas with a chocolate bunny made into a lovely leather purse with lots of bright colors, Heid H. always has a vision for her canvases! Notice the carrot border which is out of my Merry Easter Eggs book. Heidi added the colorful ribbon around her canvas. Ribbon is from the Ribbonry.

Have a very glorious Easter Day!

Easter Needlepoint: Easter Trees and Easter Ornaments


Needlepoint egg ornaments from Melissa Shirley Designs stitched by Dr. Margot.

I am fascinated by trees covered with needlepoint and always am amazed at how much love and stitching has gone into decorating a tree with all needlepoint ornaments.  Here are some trees and ornaments for Easter.

Mary RB's tree with her needlepoint ornaments from various artists. Mary is a very prolific needlepointer! She said she purchased her tree at Pier One for needlepoint ornaments.


Associated Talents egg tree at the Winter 2013 TNNA market.

A member of the Swan stitching group in Austin, Ruth K.'s tree has lots of MCM double-sided rabbit ornaments on it! So cute! That's cute Stephanie A., the photographer, in the mirror!

A close up of 2 of Ruth's adorable front and back rabbit ornaments. Sadly, these canvases are no longer available.

Don L., an owner of Associated Talents, a wholesale needlepoint canvas distributor, sent pictures of his Easter tree.  Don emailed that the tree is 4 feet tall and he purchased it a few years ago from the Martha Stewart e-commerce site.  Not only does he have loads of Associated Talents designed carrots and eggs, but he also has some needlepointed ornaments from other needlepoint companies and lots of Christopher Radko glass bunny ornaments on it.  Don said he really liked Melissa Shirley Designs woodland animals eggs and most viewers comment on the skunk egg-which I think is precious!

Don, an owner of Associated Talents, loves to do Easter ornaments! In fact, Don really loves needlepointing anything! Under the tree, a couple of Easter house needlepointed stand ups and a little rabbit with a hat can be seen in the front. Love that galvanized container!


Detail of Don's marvelous tree!


Another photo of Don's tree from a different side. Those CUTE carrots-did they make you smile?!


A favorite egg, this little Melissa Shirley Designs egg with a skunk gets noticed a lot! I may need to add this to my stash!

Now for some individual treeless ornaments!

I did this egg as an experiment with a stitch and added this big domed button from Susan Clarke Originals.

Dr. Margot did these Melissa Shirley Designs eggs for her daughter's Easter tree.

I wrote stitch guides for Dr. Margot. We added buttons and silk ribbon to this egg.

For the backing of Dr. Margot's eggs, we selected a very wide rose ribbon and had the finisher use it for the backing.

Close up of Dr. Margot's Melissa Shirley Designs rabbit egg. We used wide ribbon for the backing of her eggs from the Ribbonry in Chaparral Needleworks.

Another photo of the front and back of Dr. Margot's Easter egg ornaments.


Rebecca Wood Easter egg canvases are so cute with flower trim added.

My Melissa Shirley Designs for Mary Lake Thompson Easter rabbit with an egg on his back hangs in my kitchen.

Thanks everyone for taking the time to send pictures of your tree!

See you Easter morning!  Why not needlepoint on an egg while the kids are hunting Easter eggs!


Easter Needlepoint: Easter Stand Ups Eggs and some Carrots!

Three Lee eggs are reminiscent of Faberge eggs.

Eggs are very Easter!  A sampling of stand up Easter eggs and cute carrots!

A plethora of Easter stand ups at Barbara's Needlepoint in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Sorry about the fuzziness of the picture-it's the thought that counts!

An adorable needlepoint carrot stitched by Dodie J. is from Associated Talents and will be put in a bowl.


An adorable Ann Wheat Pace egg with a big bow of ribbon from the Ribbonry tops d off with a beaded Easter basket. All available through Chaparral Needleworks in Houston.


Ann Wheat Pace sugar egg with a cut-out holds a tiny little Easter basket. The colors are changed from the original canvas. Love the ribbons selected for the bow topper!

Adorable Easter egg with two rabbits and a carrot charm. This one stitched by the ever talented Jan DBS.!

A rabbit with a flower collar adds festivity to this Melissa Shirley Designs egg.

Dr. Margot's Melissa Shirley Designs pig egg is so cute with the addition of pre-made flowers for a collar from the Ribbonry.

A Melissa Shirley Designs butterfly egg stitched for a granddaughter by Kay F. and finished with ribbon from the Ribbonry at Chaparral Needleworks.

Egg from Lee is truly elegant.

Beautifully stitched egg from Lee.

Another egg from Lee in one of my favorite colors of orange.

Everyone laughs when seeing these adorable Associated Talents needlepointed carrots!

Get busy  stitching your eggs and carrots for Easter next year!


Easter Needlepoint: Easter Stand Up Rabbits

Love this Easter guy from Barbara's Needlepoint in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Rabbits have always been a part of Easter and what a perfect symbol of the beginning of spring.  Many Easter rabbit canvases on the market exist and here are just a few of my favorites!

These canvases from Barbara's Needlepoint are painted by an artist exclusive to Barbara's store.

a small chocolate rabbit from Barbara's Needlepoint. Barbara always adds little goodies to her finishing; here a little black and white needlepoint egg.

An Ewe and Eye chocolate rabbit made into a pillow would make a precious stand up This one stitched by Heidi H., her very first needlepoint piece!. Ribbons are from the Ribbonry in Chaparral Needleworks.

Another special rabbit from Barbara's Needlepoint exclusive artist, Anne H.

Barbara's Needlepoint in Sioux Falls, South Dakota has some of the cutest Easter rabbits ever!

Barbara's Needlepoint in Sioux Falls, South Dakota has some of the cutest Easter rabbits ever!

The most festive award goes to this beautifully stitched Melissa Shirley Designs rabbit ready for Easter.

Even this rabbit's back is fabulous!

What wonderful goodies this Easter boy is holding! Look at those perfect French knots!

On the back, near the bottom of the rabbit, is this adorable basket.

These two perky rabbits are from Labors of Love and were stitched by Darlene F. and are one of her first needlepoint pieces. They are personalized with the first initial of her girls' names.


Even though not very Easter-y, this Melissa Shirley Designs for Mary Lake Thompson rabbit would be cute for an Easter decoration. I stitched this for a friend and there is a stitch guide available.

Even though not very Easter-y, this Melissa Shirley Designs for Mary Lake Thompson rabbit would be cute for an Easter decoration. I stitched this for a friend and there is a stitch guide available.


Jody white rabbit made into a stand up on styrofoam.

On the back of the Jody rabbit, the finisher added a little tail!

Once in a Blue Moon by Sandra Gilmore Easter rabbit gentleman ready for the finisher. A very cute fellow!

Another exclusive design for Barbara's Needlepoint, this a very large stand up-pillow painted by her artist, Anne H. Beautiful! I would keep this out all year round!

Mary RB needlepoints a lot and sent me this picture of her chest of drawers loaded with stand up rabbits! The standing ones are from Ruth Chow for Sundance Designs.

And a bigger picture of Mary’s gathering of rabbits

The smaller rabbits are from Canvas Connection. They are so cute, Mary!

 More Easter to come!  Don’t you want to eat some jelly beans?

Easter Needlepoint: Easter Baskets

Nothing says Easter more than a basket full of eggs!  And there are some lovely ones!

Adorable Easter basket from Point of It All. This is a little basket. Lots of beads and velvet flowers added to the needlepoint make this basket very special!

Another look at the basket.

Beautifully stitched by Jan DBS, this is another of Point of It All canvas designs. They have several little basket canvases available.

The basket is done in the lazy Roman stitch, which is in my Merry Easter Eggs book and the little beaded basket is from my store in Chaparral Needleworks, the Ribbonry.  The lazy Roman is a great stitch for baskets.  Another good stitchis the Wicker stitch found in Needlepointing in Your Nest.

The wicker stitch was done by Ann S. on her basket of daffodils.

Dodie J. did this Little Shoppe Canvas Co.'s adorable lettuce leaf Easter basket and had it finished with a ribbon handle. She also sewed on vintage velvet flowers.

And here is the mother of all baskets, sent to me by adorable Kristine Kingston of Baltimore Needleworks, a jack of all needlepoint trades-painter, designer, and finisher.  This is truly a fabulous basket!

Thanks for sharing, Kristine!

Kristine Kingston of Baltimore Needleworks finished this fabulous basket of eggs!

Mary BR fabulous Easter basket. The basket is a canvas from Jean Smith and is loaded with eggs from many different artists and carrots from Associated Talents.

Here’s a bigger picture of Mary’s basket.

What a cute idea to use a colorful rabbit canvas for an Easter basket! (Mary BR fabulous Easter basket. The basket is a canvas from Jean Smith and is loaded with eggs from many different artists.)

Think about doing your Easter basket for next year!