Christmas at Mary’s

Side view of Mary's big tree covered with needlepoint ornaments!

Our friend, Mary Roddy, from Potomac, Maryland, very near Washington, D.C., sent me pictures of her home decorated for Christmas.  Mary is a busy mother of 5 children and still has time to decorate her house and pull out her holiday needlepoint for every celebration! She sent a lot of Christmas pictures and I am most appreciative!  Thank you Mary and we will be over for Christmas dinner around 5 p.m.!

The huge family tree covered with needlepoint (from the front door).

Dede Santa. Love the fun beard!

"Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse..."

Mittens from Kathy Schenkel.

Chanel jacket from the Studio.

Kathy Schenkel roll up ornaments and 1 of her snowmen.

Ballerina costume, a Shelly Tribbey canvas.

Kathy Schenkel 3D drum ornament.

Susan Roberts angel comes with the wooden head.

Paris tote. Mary wrote, "a Beach Bag from What’s the Point. It is a Linda Lahm design. I made one from every country Michael visited while studying at The London School of Economics." A Melissa Shirley Designs "cracker" hangs next to the bag.


Canvas from Petei-the Scottish Santa!

Princess and Me

From the Artist Collection and Heart Strings.

Mary wrote, "Rebecca Wood Angel. The only piece I stitched from The Needleworks Club…but I love them all!! ".

Mary said that the word joy is beaded. The canvas is from The Flying Needles in Belleair Bluffs, FL. It is from their artist.

Mary stitched this ornament 10 years ago. It is from A Collection of Designs.

Another Petei Santa. (These canvases are no longer available.)

Mary has FOUR needlepointed nativity scenes.  The first one is from Melissa Shirley Designs and is on 24 mesh, stitched all in baksetweave using Splendor silk.  She loves the beading around the edges of each piece.

Melissa Shirley Designs on 24 mesh!!!


The barn.

A nativity set from Petei.  (No longer available).

Petei Nativity.

A Kathy Schenkel nativity.

Kathy Schenkel nativity.

Kathy Schenkel nativity.

Three Kings. The purple one is carrying real pearls, gold beads and amethyst!!

The cow is so cute!

Another Kathy Schenkel nativity .  Mary wrote, “The stable was built by my brother when he was in high school. I found it in my parent’s basement when they were moving. Finder’s Keepers!!”

Kathy Schenkel nativity.

The nuclear family from the Kathy Schenkel nativity.

What a beautiful needlepoint back drop for this nativity.

Thank you, Mary, for sharing your Christmas needlepoint with us!!

From Mary, "A WIP that I hope to finish someday. All of the toys are stitched, I just need to finish Santa and the Reindeer!! This is one of Hyla’s." (Hyla Hurley owns the Point of It All, a needlepoint design company.)

Needlepoint Christmas at Don’s Beach House!

Don, one of three  partners that owns and runs Associated Talents, and his wife, Alison, own a beach house in Edisto Island, South Carolina and prefers to be there as much as he can.  Now that his teenage daughter can drive, he really loves stitching in the car on the way to the beach.  Don was so kind to send pictures of his beach Christmas tree when I asked him and I feel so privileged to see his fabulous tree!  Don, originally from Lexington, Kentucky and graduate of the University of Kentucky now lives in Charlotte, North  Carolina with his wife of 20 years, his 2 daughters, and several cats.

Don needlepoints lots of ornaments for all holidays and has a huge collection of Christmas ornaments as seen in the blog post on December 16.  but, he does like to  “travel, whether it is to our beach house or really almost anyplace new.  I’m always reading a book, even if the only time I get to read is on the stationary bike at the Y in the morning.  When the weather is good, I do enjoy a nice long run, but I’m a running wimp…the mere hint of rain or a hiding sun, and I scrap it!”.

The beach Christmas tree at the family's get away on Edito Island, South Carolina.

The “skinny” tree  in the beach house is decorated with starfish pink, turquoise, and green balls and lots of needlepointed beach themed ornaments.  Don apologized for his “sparse” tree as this is the first year they have done their beach tree and 9 ornaments are still at the finisher being made into needlepoint treats!  We look forward to seeing those when they come back from the finisher!

The family has also needlepointed ornaments for the beach tree! Here flamingos decked in wreaths!

Adorable beach themed needlepoint mini sock surrounded by other needlepoint ornaments.

Another precious beach themed mini sock with star fish and sand dollars and a tree shaped needlepoint ornament with wreathed flamingos.

Don has a “friend” named Timothy, a needlepoint spider who has his own facebook page!  Named at the TNNA needlepoint market, Timothy was a sort of roving reporter during the market and is now a well know celebrity among the needlepoint world.  Here is a picture of Timothy.  Look at his adventures on facebook at the Columbus market here

Timothy, the spider, is available as a canvas and a spider body from Associated Talents through your favorite needlepoint store.

Here is Associated Talents web site

Again, Don,

thank you for this very special treat of seeing your beach house ready for Christmas!!!

What about a needlepoint retreat at the beach house?  YAY!!

A Needlepoint Christmas at Don’s House!

The family's Santa tree.


Don, a co-owner of Associated Talents needlepoint, a wholesale needlepoint company that designs and produces hand painted canvases, lives in Charlotte, North Carolina but loves to spend as much time as possible at his beach  home on Edisto Island, South Carolina.  Don is originally from Lexington Kentucky.  His local needlepoint store is Po’s Point in Charlotte, but he also drives to Two’s Company in Rock Hill, South Carolina.  Don loved to watch his mother stitch and around the age of 10 years old, he decided he wanted to needlepoint, too.  His first project was a belt which, when he was almost finished, his mom told him he had stitched it backwards.  Oh well, I say, at least he was enjoying his needlepoint!  I feel so honored that Don agreed to send pictures of his Christmas trees for my blog.  He and his family have a tremendous collection of needlepoint for us all to enjoy!


Don graduated from the University of Kentucky (Go Wildcats!) with a Business Administration Degree.  He had a career in retail management until he decided to change careers and open his own needlepoint store, the Charlotte Needlepoint Co. from 1998-2008.  After that he became a partner at Associated Talents which is his full time endeavor.

What an extravaganza of fabulous needlepoint ornaments!

Don has been married for 20 years and has two daughters, a teenager and almost a teenager, and 3 cats.  His wife, Alison, enjoys needlepointing, too,  stitching baby gifts and belts for friends and relatives.  His daughters stitch a little when they are in the mood and the three cats enjoy playing with the thread while Don stitches! (Sounds familiar, doesn’t it!)  He mainly stitches “a lot of belts and smaller items, such as ornaments, Easter ornaments, Halloween ornaments.  This might be because my wife has declared that we have plenty of pillows.”  His favorite needlepoint nest at his home in Charlotte is the corner of the den couch, and now that one of the girls can drive, he loves to stitch in the car on the way to the beach!

Associated Talents pillow stitched by Brenda L. S., our facebook friend.

Don has three Christmas trees in his house, each with a Christmas theme, and all loaded with ornaments!  The last time they counted, Don wrote that they had over 200 Christmas ornaments!

Don and Alisons' gingerbread themed tree.


Don wrote about his gingerbread tree,  “This tree grew out of my obsession with candy and gingerbread needlepoint.  Oddly, I don’t have a huge sweet tooth, but I love anything in needlepoint that is “sweet.”  Over the years, this tree has grown from a little 3 foot counter top to its current 6 foot version.  I think I might have to buy the 7 foot “slim” tree I saw the other day.  You’d be amazed at how much you can get onto that one extra foot!  (In at least one of the photos, please note the little resin elves.  These guys were done by Melissa Shirley several years ago, and when the girls were younger it was fun to see the different conversations they could be found in…seemed to move by themselves overnight!)”.

Close up of gingerbread tree loaded with needlepoint ornaments from Associated Talents, Melissa Shirley, Susan Roberts, and Elizabeth Turner, among others!

More of Don's ornaments on the gingerbread tree!

Letter D in candy stripe is from Associated Talents.


Tree number 2 at Alison’s and Don’s house is the Snowman tree.  Don wrote of the nook the Snowman tree is in:   “A brief note about our house.  We have done 4 semi-major renovations on our typical 1950’s ranch.  One was an addition where we added an expanded master bedroom and master bath, in addition to a few other changes.  When we bought the house, the view straight from the front door was into a tiny interior hall and on into a bathroom.  When we did the master bedroom renovation, I shifted doorways, and we ended up with this niche, in place of looking into the bathroom. This is where we put the seasonal trees, Valentines, Halloween (Easter tree is too big, so it sits on the piano in the living room.)  And this year, it is the home to the snowman tree.  Some years it’s the Santa tree, and at least once it has been the silver snowflake tree.

THE SNOWMAN TREE!! with adorable stand up needlepointed snowman gazing at the tree!


Lots of snowmen needlepointed on tis enchanting tree with canvases from Associated Talents, Melissa Shirley and others.

Don wrote, “I’ve also included a picture of the bow front chest in the living room which has some of my snowman stand-ups, snowman snow globes, and part of my collection of silver snowflakes (I have all of the Gorham.)  As you can see, I also have an extensive collection of snow globes.”  We are so glad you included the pictures of chest, Don!!

The front chest decorated with fabulous Gorham silver snowflakes, snow globes, and needlepointed snowmen.

Close up of the bow fronted chest with Don's collection of snow globes. Snowmen canvases from Associated Talents, Melissa Shirley, and Renaissance Designs.

Don stitches a snowman ornament for each of  his girls and one for his god son for Christmas every year and puts his initials on them.  He adds the year date to his god son’s ornaments but decided not to personalize the ornaments for his daughters so “that way when they divide them up, they can choose”  which ones they want.


The Santa tree is in the den this year.

The family's Santa tree with don's favorite needlepoint cushion on the right in the chair.

Don wrote, “In the picture of the Santa tree you can also see what is probably my favorite piece of needlepoint, the Caspian pillow in the chair.  It’s pretty simple, just basket weave in Silk and Ivory, but I still love it!  I brought it to Dallas for market before it was finished and found the trim at Rutherfords, where I paid some un-Godly amount.  Good news was I only needed a little more than a yard, as I just put the tassel trim on the ends.”  (We all love Rutherford’s in Dallas!)

Covered with needlepointed Santa ornament, this tree wants us to say "Ho, ho, Ho!"

More Santa ornaments!

In the dining room, Don’s needlepoint stand up Santas stand guard on the side board and  are ready for the festivities to begin!

Dining room side board has a large gathering of needlepointed stand up Santas! (I see Timothy, the needlepointed Halloween spider in this picture!)

What a FABULOUS and INSPIRATIONAL collection of needlepoint at a home for Christmas!  A home filled with love and memory making…and lots of needlepoint!  Thank you for making us want to go needlepoint some more ornaments, Don!!!


One of the family cats enjoys camping under the Santa tree!

Laura C.’s Christmas Needlepoint!

Lovely view of the Colson Family's stockings hung by the chimney with care!

Laura Colson is a needlepointer from College Station, Texas which happens to be  a needlepoint desert.  College Station is the home of Texas A&M Univiersity and very near Bryan, Texas. Laura says she is glad she is near Houston so she can make excursions to Houston and is thankful for the internet so she can see what is available in hand painted needlepointed canvases.  I have known Laura for probably 15 years and this wife and  busy mother of 4 boys, who range in ages from high school twins to a 20 year old,  has done handwork  and cross stitch since she was a child.  She also loves to sew, taught by her mom when she was young. Her friend, Karen W. taught her to needlepoint when they both had young children.  She struggled to learn basketweave and mastered it after remembering “vertical threads work down and horizontal threads work up”.   Her friend, Karen really inspired her after showing Laura all her needlepointed Easter eggs.  Laura prefers needlepoint because she feels it is more”elegant, fun, and so much more versatile with the finished product”.

Laura's "half tree" and her sideboard decorated for Christmas!

Laura and her husband both graduated from Baylor in Waco, Laura with a degree in Management and Marketing.  She worked for 10 years before taking on the full-time role as wife and mom.  Laura also loves decorating her home for holidays, working out, reading, and shopping.

Beautiful Christmas tree in the colon's living room decorated with needlepoint ornaments as well as other ornaments collected over many years.

I asked Laura where her “needlepoint nest” is and she told me she used to love her nest on car trips when she was younger, but now, due to “aging eyesight” she now really enjoys stitching in her living room, always with her tiny clip-on light attached to her stretcher bars.  Asked what her favorite things to needlepoint are, here is what Laura answered,  “I love to stitch Christmas ornaments because they are fun and relatively quick to finish.  But I also love pillows and if I had the time, I’d love to stitch more belts.  I’ve done one belt and loved it.  I also would love to stitch a pair of shoes.  I do have a file of magazine clippings, gift bags, etc., of images I think would be great in needlepoint.  For example, with Baylor being a private university, they are very protective of their logo.  One of their new logos is an outline of Judge Baylor looking at Pat Neff Hall – this logo is currently printed on bookstore bags.  I think that would look great as a needlepoint ornament and would love to paint it myself and stitch it.  Another example is artwork on a past Talbot’s shopping bag from Christmas that I think would look terrific on a pillow.  When something catches my “needlepoint eye”, I put it in my file. ”  Food for thought, stitchers, an idea file!!!

Baylor Santa, canvas from Carol DuPree, is front and center on the Baylor alums' tree! Other Baylor ornaments decorate the tree, including a football helmet and a glass bear, Baylor's mascot.

And asked about how many needlepoint ornaments are on her Christmas tree, Laura said,”I have about 25 needlepointed Christmas ornaments with a bunch more in my stash to do!  I’ve collected Christmas ornaments, other than needlepointed ones, since I was in college.  I’ve lost count on how may there are; too many, I’m certain.  But as a child, I always loved making ornaments with my friends and sister, and my parents always promoted creativity.  I can’t think of any needlepoint Christmas traditions, but unwrapping my needlepoint ornaments each year and placing them on the tree is a highlight and just makes me feel very happy!”

Laura's collection of needlepointed Louisiana ornaments-her home state.

Laura wrote that she took a class with me when I worked at a store in River Oaks.  We were dong a needlepoint candy box and she felt like she was on a vacation.  She still thinks of me when using Flair (and I am hoping that thought is “fondly”), which she recalls, I described as a pantyhose.  I still do call it a pantyhose, Laura!

Needlepointed Christmas cookie advent "ornaments" were a monthly series from Chandail Needlework here in Houston. It came with a cookie sheet calendar and the ornaments were finished with magnets on the back.

Thank you, lovely Laura, for sending your special and beautiful Christmas pictures to share with other enthusiastic stitchers!  Merry Christmas, Colson Family!

Laura's needlepoint Christmas pillows, including a Mary Engelbreit snowman tea pot pillow, nestle with other Christmas themed pillows on this cozy chair. All that is needed is a hot cup of cocoa, maybe with some marshmallows!


Christmas Home Tour-Sally Anne’s, Part 3

Sally Anne's Santa of Everything celebrates all holidays.

More of Sally Anne’s Christmas house!

Very gigantic Santa from Melissa Shirley Sally Anne stitched at least 20 years ago. This guy is about 3 feet tall!

Merry Christmas garland, a series long ago from Chandail Needlework, decorates a green garland over Sally Anne's door way between her entrance hall and den.

Santa of Everything, a canvas from Patti Mann, celebrates all holidays. Melissa Shirley dress pillows on either side of the antique side table.

Patti Mann Santa of Everything celebrates all holidays and seasons.

Needlepoint nutcrackers stand guard. Chocolates in the dish are needlepointed, too!

Nutcrackers stitched by Sally Anne. Canvases from Susan Roberts.

Antique silver candy dish with needlepointed chocolates from Melissa Shirley Designs.


Gingerbread houses from A Collection of Designs stitched by the home owner decorate an antique chest of drawers.

Close up of one house, canvas from A Collection of Designs) and an adorable gingerbread man from Dream House Ventures.

Gingerbread house is finished into a house shape.

MCM angel sits in a chair with Sally Anne's beautiful needlepointed bird pillow. Sadly, these 2 artists do not paint canvases anymore.

An angel and snowman commemorating the 4th of July sit on a table in the music room. Both canvases from Renaissance Designs.

Renaissance Designs canvases stitched; the angel by Sally Anne's mom.

Sally Anne always has a huge Christmas tree-not so tall but very fat!  She gets a real tree and the one she picks is always beautiful.  She decorates it with her needlepointed ornaments and lights.

Sally Anne's big tree is full of needlepointed ornaments!

A close up of the tree.

Angel ornament from Kelly Clarke Designs.

An angel with an embroidery hoop and basket of thread.

Another picture of the tree. I don't know if it was crooked or if I had too much ice tea to drink!

Thank you, Sally Anne for the Christmas tour and for inspiring us to needlepoint our Christmas canvases!

Last year, after Christmas, Sally Anne's tree timbered! Be sure to have a big enough stand for your tree. She had asked the tree guys to use a bigger stand but they did not use it!

 A MERRY Christmas to all and to all a good night!