Patti’s Valentines

My friend  Patti C., decorates her house for all holidays and here are pictures of her Valentines house.

Patti always has a garland on her fireplace mantle.  She uses her Melissa Shirley Valentine children ornaments tied together for the garland in February.

Living room garland on the fire place.

Garland on the mantle.


And Patti always has a tree decorated for the season in her kitchen surrounded with interesting seasonal decorations like special dishes and favors.  The kitchen tree has needlepointed ornaments as well as glass hearts and beaded garlands.

Valentines tree.

Tree from another side.

A sweet heart from the Point of it All.

A tour of Patti’s house coming up!


Decorator Lisa Farmer’s Valentine

My mother gave me many gifts in her lifetime, but one I treasure the most is the time and effort she took to teach me to do needlepoint. She taught me when I was a teen and at the time I had no idea how later in life   I would grow to love making beautiful needlepoint pieces for my home. I have always loved historic homes and have renovated two, filling them with antiques and of course beautiful needlework. I think it is such a shame mothers today aren’t teaching their daughters the art of needlework. I have a 17 year old son so won’t be passing my mothers gift on…..unless he gives me a granddaughter someday!! For Valentine’s Day I thought a post about beautiful, romantic, antique and new needlepoint projects might be in order. I hope they will inspire you to create some heirlooms of your own.
Sir Joshua Reynolds captured three ladies moderately absorbed in their needlework. Being handy with a needle was a basic task all 18th Century women were expected to master.
Such a pretty heart picture made from petitpoint (smaller stitches than needlepoint). What a wonderful little frame.
Lovely old perfume bottle.
Tiny little stitches create this vintage brooch.

Needlepoint has always been very popular in  France.

This is a beautiful antique bench with needlepoint top.
A Louis XVI footstool covered in needlepoint.…
Cute Valentines
I came across this fabulous bell pull. I love needlepoint with black backgrounds. It’s harder to do but worth the effort.
Some of the needlepoint pillows I have done are displayed in my bedroom.
Needlepoint was used to completely upholster chairs and settees. I have recovered chair bottoms but can’t imagine a whole chair. They are stunning.
I think this box of chocolates is so clever and such a good idea for Valentine’s Day.
Continental Glass. During the Biedermeier period (about 1825-1850)
This is a large oval antique petitpoint  picture I found. It is amazing up close.  Also to the right is a needlepoint bell pull I did.

With the popularity of Downton Abby, interest in English decorating is increasing. You will notice lots of needlepoint pillows like the one in this chair.

Here are a few new needlepoint pillows that will give you the same English look. You can buy them completed or purchase the kit and do it yourself.
These new designs have an old fashioned appeal. I love them for Valentine’s Day.
Here is a great example of needlepoint and petitpoint. To me the most elegant pieces are when the two are mixed.
Fabulous needlepoint rug.
These are from the 1800’s Can you imagine wearing shoes like this?
These antique needlepoint purses are exquisite. I collect petitpoint compacts and would love to add some purses to my collection.
So much work in this fabulous skirt!
Some more of my pillows. These are in the hall.…
This pattern demonstrates many different needlepoint stitches. Much of the newer pieces use several stitches.
Happy Stitching!!

More Valentine’s Needlepoint!

Needlepoint a remembrance for your favorite Valentine!

More love letters from the Chaparral series, stitched and stitch guide by Carolyn Baird.  These all from Joan E. from fiori.

Fiori love letter.

Stack of love letters from Fiori.

Fiori love letter with a stamp.

These love letters were all attached to a chair-which cannot be sat in!  Karen Lea and I used fabric glue and trims, antique buttons, and flowers to decorate this chair from Restoration Hardware.  A tin mailbox sits on the arm of the chair. but in this picture, it is listing a bit.

Love Letter chair.

On the back of the chair, the letter on the bottom was left open for a pocket to put special love letters in.

Back of Love Letter chair.

A very cute way to display needlepoint ornaments is to decorate the chandelier with ornaments tied on with beautiful ribbon.  This chandelier is in Chaparral Needleworks and is covered with ornaments from fiori Designs from Joan E., who stitched all of them.

Chandelier of "LOVE" at the Chaparral Needleworks.

Close ups of the ornaments on the chandelier.

Another view of the chandelier.

Every stripe on this fiori heart is a different stitch.

Striped fiori heart.

A sweet cupid being stitched by Gayle A. and made into a heart shape makes a lovely Valentine decoration.

Once in a Blue Moon valentine cupid.

A Once in a Blue Moon Valentine window canvas stitched by Jan D.B.S. was a favorite in the Chaparral Needleworks.  Jan is so very talented and did a plethora of stitches and techniques on this canvas.

Once in a Blue Moon Valentine window.

Close ups of the canvas show the many additions added to the canvas, in the form of buttons, charms, ribbons, and beads.  Only  one pane left to stitch!

Close up of the finished needlepoint.

Bottom right of canvas.

Bottom left of canvas.

Canvas from Ann Wheat Pace can be used for house decoration throughout the year,

Ann Wheat Pace heart canvas.

Heart from Designs by Heidi, stitched by moi!   For the ruffle, brown and pink gingham and ribbon with “Chocolat” was used and brown and pink ribbon flower trim for cording.

Designs by Heidi.

Stitch guide for Melissa Shirley Valentine Victorian children.  (Meant to put it in the last post!)

Stitch guide for Melissa Shirley Designs series.

The most special post yet on February 13th from my friend and decorator, Lisa Farmer, who has an incredible blog.  Be sure to see this beautiful and wonderful post!

Valentine’s needlepoint: For your special love.

A collection of romantic needlepoint anyone would love!

This Queen of Hearts pillow, stitched by Debbi K., is stitched beautifully, but the Queen does not look like a nice person!  Artist unknown.

Queen of Hearts

From the Artists’ Collection, these Mile HIgh Princess monthly heart shaped ornaments were put on pillows.  Series from the Chaparral Needleworks and these stitched by Jeannie H.N.

April, May, June hearts.

July, August, September hearts.

A series from Melissa Shirley Designs with the stitch guide by Carolyn Hedge  Baird, these Valentine children were put on a very romantic pillow with romantic trim from the Ribbonry in Chaparral Needleworks.

Melissa Shirley Designs.

On the middle ornament, a flower trim was used with seed beads and silk ribbon leaves.  Pre made flowers are sewed on the bottom of each ornament.

A beautifully stitched large mesh canvas, stitched by the ever talented Jan D.B.S., is a special Valentines treasure.  A sequined bow was added onto the canvas along with beaded and button hearts.  A different stitch was used on each heart.

Sweet hearts pillow.

An adorable box of needlepoint chocolates, sides covered with rose ribbon, is so perfect for Valentines!

Box of chocolates.

Lots of stitches and techniques were used by stitcher Mary R. to complete this yummy looking needlepoint treat.

Top of chocolate box.

Chosen as part of Chaparral Needleworks Love Letter series, this Once in a Blue Moon canvas has a stitch guides by Carolyn Baird.  A vintage looking velvet pansy was added on the corner of the needlepoint.  The background stitch is Karen’s Lea’s ticking , which can be found in Needlepointing in Your Nest.

Love letter.

These hearts were stitched by Gayle A.  Notice the heart background on the mailman heart!

Melissa Shirley Designs love letter.

This Melissa Shirley Designs was part of the Chaparral Needleworks Love Letter series and was stitched by Carolyn Baird and has a stitch guide available.  Silk ribbon embroidery and beading with crystals and pearls make it very romantic.

More Valentines to come!