HOME TOUR: Helen L.’s home in Houston, Part 6

Helen's needlepoint nest.

More of Helen L.’s full of needlepoint den!

Helen's den coffee table.

Helen has an old sewing machine base between her chairs.

Another heart pillow; artist unknown.

Chair has a pillow of a heart, canvas from Ewe and Eye, and a Imari type needlepoint rabbit.

Close up of Imari rabbit. Artist unknown.

Close up of adorably stitched Ewe and Eye pillow. Don't you just love Ewe and Eye canvases?

Bowl of needlepoint fruits on Helen's coffee table. Canvases come with stitch guides and are from Sundance Designs.

Close up of needlepoint fruits.

Very cozy yellow chair! See what I found behind it in the last picture!


Is this a Raymond Crawford canvas?

Bookshelf with an antique bowl containing 2 small needlepoint pillows.

Alice Peterson French cat pillow tucked in a bowl with a needlepoint heart.

Old box containing needlepoint fruits sits on the bookshelf. The cantaloupe slice is from Barbara Eyre now available through Susan Roberts.

ADORABLE Cooper Oaks French lady with a Provence type background and fabric. I wrote the stitch guide for Helen. I love the background!

What a perfect pillow for Helen's yellow and red den! Love the Provence looking fabric and the ribbon trim from my store, the Ribbonry in Chaparral. (Trim is no longer available.)

Very comfortable indeed, Helen's nest looks very appealing to a stitcher! Dede sunflower canvas is in progress.

Helen's nest includes a side table for her books and good light from the windows across the back of the room.

Snooping around Helen's nest, I found this partially stitched canvas behind the second chair.

Hope all of you enjoyed Helen’s den and her needlepoint nest.  One more post is coming about Helen’s house, very FULL of needlepoint!