Christmas Home Tour-Sally Anne’s, Part 3

Sally Anne's Santa of Everything celebrates all holidays.

More of Sally Anne’s Christmas house!

Very gigantic Santa from Melissa Shirley Sally Anne stitched at least 20 years ago. This guy is about 3 feet tall!

Merry Christmas garland, a series long ago from Chandail Needlework, decorates a green garland over Sally Anne's door way between her entrance hall and den.

Santa of Everything, a canvas from Patti Mann, celebrates all holidays. Melissa Shirley dress pillows on either side of the antique side table.

Patti Mann Santa of Everything celebrates all holidays and seasons.

Needlepoint nutcrackers stand guard. Chocolates in the dish are needlepointed, too!

Nutcrackers stitched by Sally Anne. Canvases from Susan Roberts.

Antique silver candy dish with needlepointed chocolates from Melissa Shirley Designs.


Gingerbread houses from A Collection of Designs stitched by the home owner decorate an antique chest of drawers.

Close up of one house, canvas from A Collection of Designs) and an adorable gingerbread man from Dream House Ventures.

Gingerbread house is finished into a house shape.

MCM angel sits in a chair with Sally Anne's beautiful needlepointed bird pillow. Sadly, these 2 artists do not paint canvases anymore.

An angel and snowman commemorating the 4th of July sit on a table in the music room. Both canvases from Renaissance Designs.

Renaissance Designs canvases stitched; the angel by Sally Anne's mom.

Sally Anne always has a huge Christmas tree-not so tall but very fat!  She gets a real tree and the one she picks is always beautiful.  She decorates it with her needlepointed ornaments and lights.

Sally Anne's big tree is full of needlepointed ornaments!

A close up of the tree.

Angel ornament from Kelly Clarke Designs.

An angel with an embroidery hoop and basket of thread.

Another picture of the tree. I don't know if it was crooked or if I had too much ice tea to drink!

Thank you, Sally Anne for the Christmas tour and for inspiring us to needlepoint our Christmas canvases!

Last year, after Christmas, Sally Anne's tree timbered! Be sure to have a big enough stand for your tree. She had asked the tree guys to use a bigger stand but they did not use it!

 A MERRY Christmas to all and to all a good night!