Pat's collection of needlepoint ornaments!

A facebook friend from the Needlepoint group, I saw Pat Wingate’s huge collection of Santas on-line and just knew readers would enjoy seeing this outstanding collection of Christmas St. Nicks.  Pat is from Dallas and shops at several needlepoint stores including Creative Stitches (Dallas), Fancy Stitches (Cleburne), and The French Knot (Ft. Worth) where she has found helpful and nice employees at each shop.  She gets inspirational ideas from each shop and occasionally takes classes at the Dallas and Cleburne shops.

Pat's FABULOUS collection of needlepoint Santas!

Pat, a person who loves to learn new things, and her husband have had their own business for 36  years and have one son, 3 cats and 3 grand dogs. The family sells pre-owned luxury watches and vintage american pocket watches on the internet.  Pat wrote,” We first started with a paper mail order catalog back in 1977 with pocket watches only. Our son does all of our photography, so I guess it’s all in the family.”  Pat graduated from UT Dallas with a BS in Special Education and then went on to get a Masters in Special Education, Emotionally Disturbed at Texas Women’s University. After teaching 6 years, Pat retired after having her son.

Pat's Christmas boxes: Nativity and tree boxes are from Birds of a Feather.

LOTS of Santas!

Pat loves stitching Christmas stockings and is on her 23rd one!  She did her first stocking in 1981  and has just kept on going.  Pat has LOTS of favorite artist including Melissa Shirley, Rebecca Woods, Bird s of a Feather, Mile High Princess, and Maggie and Co. At home, her needlepoint nest is in her recliner next to her Dazor lamp, and she enjoys stitching with friends at Creative Stitches.  Pat also reads, always having a good book in her car, on her phone, and next to her bed.  She beads, making necklaces, scissors fobs, and other fun things for her friends.

Big Amanda Lawford Santas stitched by Pat. MAGNIFICENT, Pat!

Santa in shorts from Kelly Clark.

Santa in shorts from Kelly Clark and I think the house may be a Melissa Shirley Design.

Thank you so much, Pat, for very generously sharing your wonderful needlepoint Santas!

Amanda Lawford Santa beautifully stitched by Pat.

Christmas Home Tour-Sally Anne’s, Part 1

Needlepoint Santas decorate the dining room table.

What an exciting month December is and it is very fun to visit our friends houses to see all their needlepoint.  The owner of the Chaparral Needlework has the most incredible collection of needlepoint she has done.  Next year, we will take a tour of her home not decorated for Christmas so you can see all her fabulous needlepoint she has done over the years.  Sally Anne is a very elegant, refined lady and has beautiful taste.  I love the colors she has in her home and all her beautiful antiques.  But, I really consider it a treat to go over to her house at Christmas to see all her treasures.


Needlepointed MacKenzie Childs cake on a stand on the chandelier.

Sally Anne’s mom(the Shop Mom) has needlepointed  angels for all of her granddaughters and Santas for each of her grandsons every year since they were born.  They   young adults now and she still needlepoints a special gift for them every year. Sally Anne displays her daughter’s angels in her music room and her son’s Santas are used for decorating the dining room table.

Sally Anne's mom has stitched all of these angels for her granddaughter, Sally Anne's daughter.

Close up of the angel collection.

Sally Anne's dining room chandelier decorated for the Christmas season with needlepoint ornaments and glass ornaments.

Needlepoint Santas are posed around the table for their Christmas dinner!

Melissa Shirley Santa was stitched by Sally Anne.

This is a Santa Sally Anne stitched. Canvas is by Ewe and Eye.

Sally Anne's dachshund Santa was made by artist Gloria Becker of Many Monkeys Later. Although not needlepointed, I had to add it to the post because it is so wonderful!

These Santas were stitched by Sally Anne's mom for her grandson.

Big Santa from Napier is the center of attention on the dining room table. I do not know if the company is still in business.

A Melissa Shirley Santa.

In the den , a collection of Mile High Princess nativity characters are displayed.   The navy background is so dramatic and make the figures more prominent.

Mile High Princess nativity stitched by Sally Anne and displayed on her bookshelves.

The camel has a real tassel on his saddle. The baby is to the right.

Mile High Princess nativity.

I adore this angel in an orange dress, a part of the Mile High Princess nativity that Sally Anne stitched.

Sally Anne has also decorated her den with Christmas pillows.

Everyone loves this Santa, a Once in a Blue Moon Santa made into a beautiful pillow!

A pillow on the den sofa is decorated with a Dragon's Tale Santa. I taught this as a class several years ago.

More of Sally Anne’s Merry Christmas house next post!