HALLOWEEN-a needlepoint treat!

….there are trick or treat buckets full of Halloween canvases available in your favorite needlepoint stores!  When my oldest daughter, Virginia, was born on Halloween day, it was a huge TREAT for me but also a TRICK as she came about 10 days early!  I was so excited to have her on Halloween and immediately started planning birthday parties.  BUT—I could not find ANY Halloween needlepoint canvases at all so I asked Petei of Petei Designs if she would do some for me like her small people canvases we were buying for the needlepoint store where I worked.  She did paint a little series of canvases which I immediately stitched and which lots of our customers wanted.  To this day, I credit the Halloween canvas phenomenon to Virginia’s birthday on Halloween!

Halloween display Sally Anne and Karen Lea did for the shop.

I  do not know which of our customers stitched any of these so forgive me if they are yours and I did not remember!  All of you did an outstanding job on stitching them!  Thank you for letting me share them with the other witches and ghosts.

So, on this Halloween blog post, I am showing you goblins(not gobelins, which is a stitch), photos I have taken at the store of finished Halloween pieces.  TRICK or TREAT and hope you enjoy these “SCARY” needlepoint  pieces!

Needlepoint bottles-all from Kirk and Hamilton. On the two bottles below, our finisher made them so the tops come off!

Large beaded button from my store, the Ribbonry, in Chaparral Needlework. The top of this one does not come off.

Halloween pillows are fun to decorate with in October!  Some can be used all through the fall season.

Leigh Designs canvas. Trim from the Ribbonry.

Leigh Designs.

I ADORE this canvas from Maggie & Co. The original design is from artist Sharon Bloom.

Shelly Tribbey canvas stitched by Nancy T. with ribbon selected for finishing from the Ribbonry in Chaparral Needlework.

Nancy T. did an outstanding job stitching this pumpkin from Mindy. It is one of my favorite pieces!

I think I got this picture off the internet. Isn't it adorable!? Canvas from Brenda Stofft.

Close up of spooky stitched mouse on the Brenda Stofft canvas. Love that yucky tail.

A really scary canvas from Dede taken at the January 2012 market.

Love this black cat bolster!

A fabulous kissing ball and some ornaments!

Adorable round canvas made into a big kissing ball! How cute...I mean,SCARY!!

Canvas from Heidi, stitched by Karen McKemie. (I remembered!) This is ornament size.

Melissa Shirley candy corns stitched by Gigi P. to be tied together and hung as a garland across a doorway.

Needle Deeva sugar skulls are very spooky! Stitched by Sandy W. all in tent stitch, these are so much fun!

A wonderful Halloween tree!

Mary R. B. Halloween tree naked!

Fabulous needlepoint ornament covered tree at Mary R. B.'s house! All she needs is a pet crow or pet owl to sit on top!

Now some fun pumpkins which can be definitely displayed throughout the Autumnal  season!

All from Ann Wheat Pace, these make a very fall-ish display.

Melissa Shirley for Mary Lake Thompson pail of pumpkins stitched by Laura Taylor of Aristeia in California. Stitch guide is available from your favorite store.

Very cute Kelly Clark pumpkin. (That's Stephanie, a co-worker, in the background!)

Fabulous green pumpkin is only available from Barbara's Needlepoint in Sioux Falls South Dakota.

Such cute finishing on this Ewe and Eye Jack o'lantern from Barbara's Needlepoint in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Witches galore!!!  We do have a coven!

Patty Paints witches stitched by Karen P. Stitch guides are available from me through your favorite needlepoint store.!

Shelly Tribbey witches had a meeting last year at the store. One stitched by Mark S., left. and the other by Alison M., right

Love this witch from Danji seen at the January needlepoint market.

Melissa Shirley Fairy Tale witch; picture from the Internet. Maybe stitched by Stephanie A.

My fairy tale witch with stitch guide from Jan Ayerkoff of Aristeia with modifications by me.

Third Melissa Fairy Tale witch in progress by Jan A. at Aristeia in California. Stitch guide is available.

Not a witch! Petei canvas made into a stand up on a styrofoam box.(Canvas is no longer available.)

Animals in Halloween costumes!!

Danji candy corn mouse!

Danji mouse dressed as Dracula.

Danji mouse in her witch costume!

Danji cat in costume stitched by Karen P. Great job, Karen!

A very beautiful Halloween type sampler that Patti C. and Olivia F. did in my class.  They will keep their samplers up with their collections of other samplers.

Sampler from Dream House Ventures is so cute and kind of sweet!


Melissa Shirley tiny house stitched by Faith C. Beaded witch from the Ribbonry in Chaparral

Another Melissa Shirley house stitched by Faith C.

Close up of house with beaded bat decoration from the Ribbonry.

I adore this darling house from Susan Roberts. It is stitched so wonderfully by a really FAB stitcher I believe from Atlanta. It has several little figures that go with it, like the skeletons on the right.

Susan Roberts haunted house was displayed at the January market. It is multi-sided.

Another side of the haunting Susan Roberts house. The stitcher really added lots of spooky details.

Now remember witches and goblins…

Broom parking from Share One's Ideas taught as a class with stitch guide by me!

….don’t park your brooms in the wrong place!!!!


Have a fun and safe Halloween and don’t eat too much candy (like my brother does every Halloween!)!